TV In Space podcast features The Orville season 1 episode:


Command Performance.


The Orville continues and we discuss the new craze the Moclan Butt. We also discuss The Orville’s titles, Ian attempts to sing the TOS theme tune (again!), and we also talk about Holland Taylor’s career. We try to decide if Kitan was right in her decisions and talk about the aliens in The Orville compared to Star Trek. Ian rants about death lasers and we round it al off with a grammar lesson.


There is also an extended discussion on the ‘King And I’, Phil has an existential crisis, and we shout out to the lovely Carla and Holly who bring you the Theme Park Films Podcast (and also run Britpod Scene).


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5 years ago

What a fuckin waste of time that was
You don’t know who Holland Taylor was? How about IMDb her. You lost me at that point