TV In Space podcast features the Star Trek: The Original Series season 2 episode:




In this episode we discuss how hot it currently is (as if that’s news to anyone), we talk Kirk’s new fragrance – Obsession and name Mccoy’s and Spock’s, and Ian discusses his idea for a new invention – Bum Gum.


We also discuss the cinema and cineworld’s promo trailers before the films (aka no friend Ben and the ambiguous triple),  development opportunities on the Enterprise, high waisted trousers taken to the extreme, we both get startled, and prove that the illuminati are real!


We round it off with the worst moment so far in star Trek involving Spock, a vent, and a gas. Ian gets frustrated by the crew’s organisational skills. And Kirk punches a crewman in the balls


And finally Karate CHOP!



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