TV In Space podcast celebrates its 100th episode with a look at:


Star Trek: The Motion Picture


We discuss our efforts so far and have a quick reaction to the New Star Trek : Picard trailer and name reveal. We talk about Twitter feedback and see what others think of Star Trek: the Motion Picture.


Meanwhile Phil compares the Motion picture to a bad supermarket wrap and we discuss the effects and a similarity between 2001 and Star Trek The Motion Picture. We Praise Jerry Goldsmith’s score for its sheer brilliance.


Phil confuses a station with a ship, we discuss which member of Starfleet we would fire and cheer that Uhura is still affected by turbulence more than anyone else


Finally we decide that V’Ger has been looking at 70s Playboy magazines, wonder what the mystery noise at 1:12:26 is (answers on a postcard), and then discuss  why did the machine planet not clean up V’Ger’s name plate


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