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80 – If The Stars Should Appear

TV In Space podcast features The Orville season 1 episode:   If The Stars Should Appear.   This week we discuss TV and films that Klyden could watch instead of The Sound Of Music, Dyson spheres, and the impressive music during the episode   We also discuss possible continuity errors, the different approaches to storytelling […]

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78 – Will You Take My Hand?

TV In Space podcast features the Star Trek: Discovery season 1 episode:   Will You Take My Hand?   In this episode we discuss the news about Picard and Phil proposes that the new Picard show should be a political thriller “House Of Picards”   We have praise for the characters of Tilly, Saru, and […]

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Torchwood – The Conspiracy

Conspiracy by David Llewellyn from 2015 is the first release in the main Torchwood range. This release features only a single member of the Torchwood cast and is a hybrid of narration and full acted drama. The story is about Jack meeting with ex-news reporter turned conspiracy theorist, George Wilson (John Sessions).