Today marks the 1st anniversary since we launched the pilot. It seems fitting that one year later we have just recorded another kind of pilot.


It’s been an interesting year watching Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation, dealing with an ‘exploded’ computer but here we are 1 year later.


Time for a party with lots of cake and then the inevitable hangover as we look forward to our second year.


Thank you to all our listeners.


We’re back from hibernation. After a Christmas special we are resuming normal production.

We had a computer crash which has taken a couple of the episode backups with it. Hopefully we will be able to get it sorted and get episodes 17 and 19 will be uploaded again.

Expect episodes after every Doctor Who season 10 episode as we cover the new season of Doctor Who.

Star Trek will be every two weeks at the moment until Doctor Who finishes.

Expect some random episodes featuring classic science fiction films dotted throughout the rest of the year.

Happy Listening.

As you may have heard from next week (15th August 2016) we will be switching across to Star Trek: The Next Generation and reviewing this as we have done for Star Trek: The Original Series.


At 2 episodes a week we hope the podcast will be a more manageable length for listeners!


Here’s a preview of Encounter At Farpoint for those who have not seen it in some time:

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