TV In Space podcast features The Orville season 1 episode:


If The Stars Should Appear.


This week we discuss TV and films that Klyden could watch instead of The Sound Of Music, Dyson spheres, and the impressive music during the episode


We also discuss possible continuity errors, the different approaches to storytelling in Discovery and The Orville. We also talk about season 2 Klingons in STD and the balance of jokes in The Orville. Finally we praise the space battle in the episode


TV In Space podcast features the Star Trek: Discovery season 1 episode:


Will You Take My Hand?


In this episode we discuss the news about Picard and Phil proposes that the new Picard show should be a political thriller “House Of Picards”


We have praise for the characters of Tilly, Saru, and Admiral Cornwell. We talk about Empress Georgiou, the point of her in the episode, the point of her pretending to be Captain Georgiou and try to decide if she is a threatening villain or not (the answer is not)


We’re still unsure about how to say the name of the episode Lethe. Phil has a theory about how the current Klingons will morph into Worf. Finally Ian gets a little angry over the urination scene.