Doctor Who Spyfall Part 1

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Hour of the Cybermen by Andrew Smith is a story that I really wanted to like. It features a lot of my favourite things in Doctor who, 80s Cybermen, UNIT, and the 6th Doctor (who I have developed an appreciation for because of Big Finish). As someone who tends to dip in and out of the monthly range I have some gaps in the continuing story. I often do a bit of checking to see if it is part of the overall story like with Black and White and the whole Hex storyline. However I just saw 80s Cybermen and bought it without thinking.

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Conspiracy by David Llewellyn from 2015 is the first release in the main Torchwood range. This release features only a single member of the Torchwood cast and is a hybrid of narration and full acted drama. The story is about Jack meeting with ex-news reporter turned conspiracy theorist, George Wilson (John Sessions).

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Iron Bright by Chris Chapman is a story of two halves which is appropriate considering we’re currently in the middle of the world cup. The story is, at the start, what appears to be little more than an excuse for the Doctor to meet Isambard Kingdom Brunel, one of his personal heroes, but develops into a more complex tale as the story progresses.

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On the 10th May 2008 the BBC aired an episode of Doctor Who called ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ now over ten years later we have a sequel. Big Finish released Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter on the 5th June 2018. The box set of 4 stories features Georgia Tennant returning to her role of Jenny alongside Sean Biggerstaff in the role of Noah her companion.

Having just finished listening to it I have to say that the box set was slightly different from what I had expected. To be fair I did not know what I was expecting but here we are. I have recently been listening to Dark Eyes and have just finished Doom Coalition 3 so my expectation of Big Finish stories are a touch more serious and a touch more epic than Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter so for me the shift in tone is a little odd but not unwelcome.

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As mentioned in podcast 39 I talked about some Star trek fiction I had written.

Below is all that I wrote of a proposed sequel to the Star Trek The Next Generation episode “Conspiracy”

I wrote the first 2 and a half chapters and that is all.

I do not comment on its quality.

With that said here we go:

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Star Trek Bridge Crew, from Ubisoft, has fulfilled one of my childhood dreams – to fly a starship.

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Today marks the 1st anniversary since we launched the pilot. It seems fitting that one year later we have just recorded another kind of pilot.


It’s been an interesting year watching Star Trek: The Original Series and The Next Generation, dealing with an ‘exploded’ computer but here we are 1 year later.


Time for a party with lots of cake and then the inevitable hangover as we look forward to our second year.


Thank you to all our listeners.


We’re back from hibernation. After a Christmas special we are resuming normal production.

We had a computer crash which has taken a couple of the episode backups with it. Hopefully we will be able to get it sorted and get episodes 17 and 19 will be uploaded again.

Expect episodes after every Doctor Who season 10 episode as we cover the new season of Doctor Who.

Star Trek will be every two weeks at the moment until Doctor Who finishes.

Expect some random episodes featuring classic science fiction films dotted throughout the rest of the year.

Happy Listening.